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We all made it through another potential doomsday, and it’s nearly 2013! Winter Solstice marks the beginning of the days lengthening again, and that means spring is in the air, but it is very cold for now, and we have 2 more months of subzero temps to look forward to. Yikes! Love it or leave it… we enjoy the drastic temperature change. It makes spring seem even more miraculous. Thanks to our Kickstarters- we have frost free hydrants to water the animals now, which is SO saving our backs and wrists! Lugging water out of our bathtub in the previous winters was not fun at all….so many many thanks to you! The animals are all enjoying our organic hay, eating their “grass jerky” all winter long. This green, fragrant goodness keeps the ducks, rabbits and goats well nourished, providing entertainment and a cozy, snuggly bed. We are signing up CSA Shares for 2013, and we’d love to be your personal farmers! Get a big bushel box of our farm products once a month, delivered to a drop spot in the Twin Cities. Our Shares are full of beautiful products & nutritious foods that we grow and raise here, featuring seasonal organic veggies and fruits, our fabulous duck eggs and our handmade goatmilk soaps. $350 for 6months of goodness! It’s been a wonderful season and we are so full of gratitude! Some of the many highlights include: building our new duck barn and implementing a custom system for our lady ducks, expanding our garden, which showed the beautiful effect of our own compost, hosting Open Farm Days to show people our farm, raising organic Jumbo broiler chickens in our new day-range pasturing system, hatching out our own heritage ducklings, hosting a wonderful Market on the Farm day in September, raising meat rabbits on pasture and receiving excellent feedback about the flavor and texture difference, raising up our Turkeys over the summer and fall in their huge pasture, and having very nice weather for the Harvesting weekend before Thanksgiving, lots of sampling of our duck eggs at the co-ops, and our ducks continue to lay eggs much later into the year than ever before, which means we are doing it right! We also had our 1st Wedding Anniversary in July….2012 has been a blessing, and we look forward to the coming season with joy and glee in our hearts.

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  1. Jess

    Would you mind sharing approximatelty how much your frost free hydrants cost? I've been lugging water out to my duck coop for the past several months and it's certainly not an easy task - it's really the only think I dont like about keeping ducks. Thanks in advance!

  2. LTD Farmers

    Hi Jess- sent you an email with the details. It was expensive, but saving your back is worth it. best advice- put hydrants in when you put in a well!!! We have our Kickstarters to thank for helping us get these put in on our farm.

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