Seward Co-op “Growing With Purpose”


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We finally got our hands on a copy of this new book by Patricia Cumbie & Kari Cornell, with photography by Chris Bonhoff. It documents and celebrates the 40 years that Seward Co-op has been in business, growing with the community. We both spent our formative years employed at Seward Co-op, learning the basics of good business practices as well as developing a passion for local food and farms. Actually, Khaiti (and Jenni) hired me to start washing dishes in the deli. She moved onto managing the grocery department and I moved on to managing the deli for awhile. Yet all these years later I’m still washing dishes…

This a great looking book with all kinds of insight into this very successful food co-op, which is still our favorite place to shop, and sell our duck eggs at! We recognize a lot of folks in here, and it has great stories on staff members and suppliers throughout the years. We’re happy to be part of it. Take a look next time you’re at the co-op picking up some duck eggs!

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