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We’d love to be your farmers for the 2013 CSA season!

We’ve just posted our 2013 CSA Share offerings, check the “farm products” tab at the top of the page. Our farm brings you a goodie box Once a month- not every week, which can be overhwelming- an LTD Farm CSA share is a perfect compliment to your garden and farmer’s market outings! You’ll get fresh veggies, eggs, soap, and more, all produced on our farm! Our season runs for 6 months, from May through October. We also offer a Twice a Month Option.

NEW for 2013 will be our Artisan Meat Share! We’ll be featuring the best, seasonal pastured meats that we produce here, from April until November. We’re looking forward to raising more variety of pastured poultry, birds who forage, grow more slowly but thrive on a diverse diet. Feed prices are already high, and won’t be coming back down, so it’s essential that small-scale farmers keep looking for animals who can eat what we don’t- grass, weeds & bugs. Grass fed and pastured meats are truly a sustainable food source. Rabbits do a tremendous job growing on grass and weeds. We’ll be raising guinea fowl, heritage Australorpe and Jersey Giant chickens, as well as a few geese. All known to be excellent foragers, but slower growing.

We’ll still have our Famous “Bubsters” available by pre-order. These are our succulent cornish-cross chickens who are extremely efficient in the grains that they do eat, and our guys grow up running around on pasture and learn to eat grass, weeds and bugs as babies as well, so their flavor is out of this world! We raise them longer than is the usual, which grows them larger and allows them to develop a more intense chickeny flavor. There is nothing bland or boring about our Bubsters! Check out the “Summer Bubster Share.”


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