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our own little babies, wow!

yellow pear cherry tomatoes

roasting cherry tomatoes is a great way to deal with large amounts! It sweetens and mellows their tartness. Salt & pepper, drizzle on a little olive oil. Puree the roasted toms with basil and freeze for later.

eggs with sriracha sauce (homemade!!) along with chard and hashbrowns. nummm

Sandy, a Flemish GIANT rabbit in real life, she is HUGE! Hopefully we'll have some kits from her soon, she is very calm and sweet.

Sandy's daughter, Ginger, also joining the LTD Rabbitry! Such a sweetheart!

As we've been able, it's been our pleasure to enjoy the few extra pastured rabbits we've raised, in our own kitchen! We are working on creating a base of easy and wonderful recipes for rabbit, aside from the typical Hasenpfeffer style. Here's a delicious rabbit "white chili"- pinto beans, onions, garlic, tomatillos, green and red peppers (some spicy ones) cilantro, broth and roasted rabbit pieces. Combine and simmer 20 minutes, salt to taste. Crack some tortilla chips over top, or serve with garlicky cornbread.

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  1. Tree

    Aloha! Would you post some pictures showing various vistas of the farm with something in them so I can get some idea where the shot was taken from? Mahalo Tree

  2. missy holbrook

    I have seven khaki campbell ducks that I have raised since last spring. They are wonderful, just starting to lay eggs. I must find a home for them. Would you consider taking them? I will bring them to you if so. There are two males and five females, perfectly healthy, beautiful youngsters. Please consider taking them into your duck family. Missy Holbrook

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