farmer’s market tomorrow!!


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We’ll be at the St. Croix Falls Farmer’s Market tomorrow! 10-1, located right on the main drag (203 S. Washington St) in town, right off of Hwy 8. Come see the autumnal colors beginning in beautiful Taylor’s Falls & then head across the river into Wisconsin to enjoy a lovely day in St. Croix Falls!

We’ll have fresh SAUERKRAUT, made from our garden’s bounty, as well as other veggies and pickled goods, goatmilk soap, fresh herbs and MORE! There are some awesome vendors there who also grow chemical-free, like our friends Ben & Andrea of Tiny Planet Produce. Take a beautiful drive to the country and come back home with all sorts of edible goodness from Wisconsin!

The rest of the weekends in September are booked on the farm, so this will be our last farmer’s market this month, but we’ll return in October!

thanks Suzanne for the pictures!!

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