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We’re elated to hear little peeps in the living room. Our first duckling just hatched out of her/his egg! There look to be 7 more that have pip-holes, and technically the eggs weren’t due to hatch until tomorrow, but ducklings do not follow calendars!

These are extra special babies, hatched from our own flock. The momma hens are some of our best, most hardy lady ducks. They have been through hell and high water with us- moving here in the horse trailer 2 years ago, going through major predator pressure, major heat waves and insanely cold winters. These momma ducks are in their third or longer season laying, and of the 10 we handpicked, we’re getting 7 eggs a day from them! Very good layers as well, which is exactly the type of genetic perfection we want to duplicate. Having their offspring here, hatching in our home incubator is sooooo exciting. When you hatch eggs, you are going to likely have a 50/50 mix of boys and girls, which means we’ll be offering limited numbers of Christmas heritage duck. The girls will, of course, be staying with us as our genetic superstar egg layers. Breeding your own animals from your own most hardy stock in your own region is how all the heritage breeds got started. We just made our own LTD heirlooms!

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