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so beautiful!

capturing the bounty, putting food in jars

rabbits living the good life

Belle and the first apples

making applesauce, whole apple minus the core, cooked in a bit of water, with honey and cinnamon. DIVINE!

May and Orion

summer turkeys joined by the Thanksgiving turkeys in their brushy pasture

we actually succeeded in growing sweet corn this year!

little Bubsters in the chicken tractor til they grow a bit more

the bigger Bubsters out in their paddock, full of personality

Mabel the beauty, growing up fast!

check this out! it is so AWESOME to have a homebrew supplier as a neighbor! Thanks Windriver Brewing for the Namesake Beer Kit!


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  1. Sharon

    Try tossing the apple pieces in a little bit of orange juice and adding some cardamon. Superb!!

  2. Suzanne

    Beautiful post! We were happy to see your goat soap at Seward Coop. We picked up a bar at your recent open house and found it to be the best soap ever, and we've tried a few. It's so easy on the hands. Thank you!

  3. LTD Farmers

    Thank You Suzanne!!!! We love our soap too, so happy it is working so well for you two. it was a pleasure to meet you both, thank you for coming out and for your kind support of all we are doing here!

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