July amazements


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the "drunken goat" cheese experiment

gorgeous beets from our garden, so sweet it's insane

zucchini relish in the works

purple carrot

the baby Bubsters on grass pasture at 1 week old! Organic Chicken available on-farm on Sept 30th.

getting set to blanch broccoli

onions are curing, out of the garden to make room for fall brassicas

new organic potatoes!!!

little rabbit kits

okra's tropical blossom

okra and tomatillos begin

chocolate stripes tomato ripening

Thanksgiving turkey babies almost big enough to go into the BIG pasture!

peppers have been coming on like crazy

ditto on the summer squash

as well as the onslaught of "green" beans

the 7 ft deep trench dug for our water line out to the new duck barn

one of our baby bubsters, we just love to give our animals a wonderful and respected life here, feeding our customers the best!





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  1. Suzanne

    Beautiful post! We are so looking forward to the August open house!

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