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We’re excited to welcome onto our farm four sisters, 6 week old Champagne d’Argent rabbits! They are one of the oldest breeds of rabbit, originating in France. They are born black and slowly grow to be more silver, and they are gentle and relaxed. We’re excited to bring an old breed into our rabbitry.

We’ve decided to add a few more does to the rabbitry, and introduce a heritage breed into the mix for vigor. These young does won’t be ready to breed until December, but keeping breeding livestock is a waiting game. Our goal is to provide our customers with fresh delicious rabbit every month, so we needed a few more momma rabbits to keep our cycle going throughout the year. Since we built the goats a whole new goat shed, the rabbit shed has room for more occupants, but we’re not going to get carried away. We have a working farmstead, and we only have enough labor and money to keep animals that help pay for themselves in some way. One thing we were not quite prepared for was how excellent rabbit poop was for fertilizer. It’s almost worth it to keep rabbits just for their poop.

Merry is getting ready to kindle, hopefully:

And Marshmallow had her second litter, 10 big beautiful kits! We saved two kits that she left on the floor and ground from freezing by dunking them in warm water up to their necks, and bundling them back with their kin. Now they are al about a week old and have a good coating of fur:

This morning it is cool and dewy, wonderful weather for rabbits and humans as well.


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