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Today is our 1 year wedding anniversary! To think how far we’ve come since then….we’re really SO grateful to our customers whether you buy our duck eggs at the co-op, or have CSA share with our farm.  If we were just growing food for ourselves, we couldn’t continue being here- we love raising food for you! Thank you for your support! Our union brought a solidity to this farm, a seriousness to what we are doing together, a commitment to each other, and to our farm. We’re a wonderful team, and though we have struggles like everyone, we have each other to keep it real and get the job(s) done!

It’s impossible to not notice the heatwave hitting the country right now. It’s said to be moving on tonight, and we are so grateful….yikes, it’s been absolutely disgusting. But since we’re here 24/7, all our animals have made it through. Oscillating fans and ice bottles for the bunnies to curl up with, lots of sprinklers and shade for the ducks, shade and cool water for the turkeys and goats. Our Bubsters, the broilers, were harvested peacefully before this began, so they haven’t had to deal with the tremendous heat, which may have very well done them in.

Last weekend was ripe with activity… Chicken harvesting in the suddenly hot heat, rabbit kits being born, our Thanksgiving turkey babies moving to the great outdoors, hay being cut and baled, struggling with unloading hay (412 bales from our 8 acre hay field,) hay getting rained on and 3am tarp wrestling before the big thunderstorm came, and hot hot heat. Today was hopefully the last day in this spree of infernal weather. We’ve been sitting in our basement between animal tending, just to cool off, as we don’t have AC.

We better get used to it, and be working with plants and animals who can too. These unpredictable weather patterns are a result of global warming, and are not likely to change. We have to do our best. The garden has been loving the heat and rain- all the tropical annual babies are in heaven growing in this crazy hot weather. We have giant fist sized tomatoes about to ripen, collecting bucket loads of zucchini, mongoid cabbages exploding and the green beans are about to be loaded. Many of the brassicas like broccoli and the chois are bolting due to the heat however, and lettuces are like “whatever, I’m setting my seed.” We’re in the midst of preparing the beds for fall plantings by collecting the plant debris to compost, laying down fresh compost, and tilling. We’ll be planting arugula, rutabagas, spinach, winter radishes, turnips, carrots, cauliflower, beets, daikon, napa cabbage, cabbage, and very excitedly- ROMANESCO! Out in our field garden, the potatoes are looking amazingly productive, the pinto beans and winter squash are growing like gangbusters. What a different year we’re having.

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