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an amazing moth that our puppy Belle found

braising mix, like salad mix except it is meant to be slightly cooked, great with duck eggs! Arugula, pea shoots, spinach, raab, baby kale...num!

our Bubbies, relaxing and enjoying themselves. Summer chicken shares are SOLD OUT. Ask about getting on the fall list!

favorite spot to sit and watch the garden

potatoes in our "field" garden where we grew everything last year. Looking forward to lots of potatoes, hopefully!

all the rafters are up on the new Duck Barn!!!

very first peppers (in a bouquet of kale), picked young to induce more blossoms on the plants. Yes, they were an exceptional treat in May!!

china choy- a magnificent and succulent plant we grew very well this spring in the hoophouse

green garlic! we actually planted cloves this spring and this is what you get- delicious!

Adorable Mabel and Valentine!

a Khaki "Blondie" we'll see what becomes of this little girl- maybe we'll make a new variety of duck for egg laying!?!

the duck barn progress as of today- roof is DONE! yes! and there's our garden too, feeding alot of people which makes us nervous and proud!

devil's ear lettuce grown outdoors looks alot different than in the hoophouse!

our beautiful ducks

our rabbit kits growing fat on pasture in their rabbit "tractor, meaning they move to a new spot, while staying inside the safety of it, each day as they eat down the greenies

beautiful chois and lettuces



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  1. George

    WooHooo Roof is done!

  2. Pamela

    Your turkey poults look great! I raise Norfolk Black and Narragansetts which are smaller than yours and take a bit longer to mature. Like you, I adore turkeys.

  3. Kristen

    Hi, I read your post from April about your rabbit tractors. Just wondering how those were working for you. I'm getting some rabbits soon myself and I really liked your plan (especially how easy it seemed to build!) :) Have you had any problems with them digging out?

  4. admin

    Hey there Kristen, So far no problems with the rabbit tractors. I would say that whenever you build a square or rectangle, that structure will not be very sturdy compared to a triangle or hoop. So we will continue to use the tractors and they will work fine, but if I use wood next time I will make a triangular design. There have been no digging attempts by our New Zealand bunnies whatseover. I wonder if that has to do with our moist, clay soils or if they have been habituated to not being interested in escaping. In fact, they like to run up to us when we come to say hi or feed them. Very friendly bunnies. Hope that helps.

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