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This year’s garden is soooo very different than last years, what some pig power, cover crops, and compost will do! A hoophouse also helps tremendously for early crops. We dropped off the first share boxes last week much to the delight of our Deluxe members. Butterhead lettuce, China Choi, Devil’s Ear lettuce, arugula, ramps and all kinds of other farm-goodies have filled their refrigerators. Feeding people is a calling some folks receive, and we are so honored and thrilled to be doing this.

We’re in the midst of Goat Workshop Weekend, last night we had “Getting Your Goat” with a small group, and this afternoon we have “Cheesemaking Workshop” where we’ll be demonstrating 6 different cheeses you can make at home! Sharing the joys of goats with others is quite amazing, these animals bring so much goodness in such a small, affectionate package. We have more Goat Workshops lined up this spring, summer and fall. Learn to make Goatmilk Soap on 5/26, The next Cheesemaking course will be on 6/23, and we have a “Getting Your Goat” Workshop on 9/15. Sign up today to reserve your spot!

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  1. Gianna

    Maya should come on over and try to teach the class herself! Dontcha think?

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