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We’ve begun the initial work on building our new duck barn…..very exciting. Having a wonderful homebase for the ducks is sooo very important to us, and this will be it once we are finished building it. Construction work is very different & exhausting, after all the time we spend gardening, tending the animals (our kids), and delivering our products to the Twin Cities.

The posts for a building need to be set in the earth 4 feet deep to be able to withstand the deep freeze and potentials of the frost heaving them out of place. Thanks to a friend who lent us his gasoline-powered auger, we have tackled this project with more audacity than if we were looking at digging the holes with shovels or a posthole digger. Today we had a reality check- we’re augering into pure clay, and there are rocks. Each time the auger hits a rock, we brace ourselves after the jolt and have to hoist the 60 lb auger up out of the several feet deep hole. We finished two holes today, sort of a break-in day, I guess. Those posts are braced and perfectly in line, which is very reassuring. Tomorrow we go out for more elbow wrenching, wrist & back-aching work on the beginnings of our duck barn. We’re fueled by duck eggs and we LOVE our ducks!

It sure feels amazing to be able to build our own barn with our own two hands and some tools. But…..we couldn’t be working on this project without our supporters from our Kickstarter Project! We are so grateful to be here, working on our future, while tending the present. Right now we have 200 little lady duckies growing up to become part of the Big Lady Ducks of LTD Farm. They enjoy the sunshine, the fresh air and lots of TLC as they grow with us.

We have not inherited our farm or land, implements, or techniques. We are new farmers, a couple faces in the sea of a movement of folks embracing rural, agrarian dreams. What we do with those dreams is our choice. …Do we succeed and stay on with farming? Do we burnout and realize this is HARD work without much pay? Right now our farm is paying it’s way, but we don’t have a paycheck. That’s ok, we love what we do. If you enjoy hard work that is physically and spiritually satisfying, farming is absolutely the right choice. Everyday we are just so grateful to be here trying to make it work, so we may continue on. Embrace your successes, your shortcomings and failures.

Right now the rabbit kits are growing, the ducklings, turkey poults and broiler chicks are thriving, the goats are giving lots of milk, our garden is half seeded, waiting for the frost free date so we can begin to transplant out some of the planty babies waiting their turn. Our CSA shares begin in May, and we are ready! One more goat momma is due to kid in the next week, and life is grand. Happy Spring!

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