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Luscious Goatmilk Soap made on our farm, available @ Seward Co-op in Minneapolis

bluebirds everywhere

at 1 1/2 months, the March ducklings have grown incredibly big already, thanks to the hoophouse brooder!

assorted pepper plants, just about ready to move to the hoophouse

basil........you can smell just looking at it!

soil blocks are WONDERFUL- sprouting in the hoophouse for transplanting later into the garden

1 day old baby "Bubster" we use our planting room as our chick brooder for their first 2 tender weeks, this saves energy by conserving heat. We have a couple chicken shares remaining for end of June Harvest.

the site of our new duck barn- close to the house, close to the garden- perfect!

the October ducklings going back inside after a morning romp

lettuce after transplanting in the hoophouse-looks rather pitiful

after a week, the heads are begining to form and the colors are coming about. More color in vegetables = more nutrition!

summer turkey babies eating weeds before they moved out to the hoophouse

baby cabbages in the hoophouse


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