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We all have accepted spring’s arrival at this point, so our noses have been to the grind stone on all the BIG PROJECTS going on here at LTD Farm. The most important of all is going to be the NEW duck barn, which we are very very excited about building and having for a super safe night home for the ducks. The hoophouse has many advantages for housing ducks, but it’s weak point is the fact that it is not a predator-proof structure. Praise be to our dogs and our change of arrangements, we’ve had no predator problems since last summer.

Before the duck barn could be sited in place, we had to move the goats. When we moved here in 2010, the goats got plunked into a center of the farm scenario, due to the fact that there was one small building here that would work as their home. After 2 springs, we learned it’s not the perfect location for them. Goats are now located right behind the workshop pavillion, which will be very atmospheric for our “Getting your Goat,” “Cheesemaking” and “Making Goatmilk Soap” workshops held on the farm this spring, summer and fall. With Andrew’s building prowess, and Khaiti’s fence wrangling experience this project is DONE, and the goats moved into their new digs yesterday. The few cars that pass by on the road are driving by slowly to take a look at the goats! The pasture is now 4 times as big and the goats totally LOVE IT! Milking is now done right next to their area in a sweet little playhouse parlour, and this has simplified the often dramatic milking-time twice daily on the farm.

Today we cleaned out the goats’ old shed, worked on building our cache of on-farm fertility in the form of perfect compost in the works. Our goats ate over 100 bales of hay over the winter, grown on our land!And it is mostly all sitting in a form of baby compost right now. Fertility from the land for the land…how magnificent.

Our CSA begins next month and we’ve been fortunate to begin in the garden already. AMAZING! Last year we had snow at least three times in April, and here we are sweating as we garden. We’ll be improving all our methods with the new garden space, which was pig-a-tilled last year by our crazy, rambunctious pigs. They did amazing work of clearing out so much of the root base, bringing rocks up, as well as fertilizing……and they made our customers very happy with their meat as well. Thank you pigs. We’re taking a break from their shenanigans this year, but once you experience a pig-a-tilled soil, it’s hard to not want to figure out a way to incorporate them into the scene.

New babies…….Beautious spring blossoms…….And the FESSA (Farm Enterprises in Small-scale Sustainble Agriculture) Conference went very well on 3/31….excited for next year already and this time to help plan and then listen! There are soo many exciting new food-creators out there, it is 100% inspiring.


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