snow to SPRING!


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our little baby Khaki Campbells, who will be our new layers later in the season. Such cuties!

one of the favorite pics of the year so far- Belle being very gentle with her goat buddie Valentine.
blizzard in the beginning of march, this is the “dog teepee”

a week later, the goats maxing and relaxing in the warm spring sun

Apricot blossoms, Little Blue and a beautiful sunset lighting up the massive oak

the turkey hens are beginning to lay eggs, and we'll soon have their boyfriend here to make fertile eggs so we may hatch our own turkey babies!

a favorite spring green- stinging nettles! Pick them tips off with gloves, sautee without touching and the heat will dissolve the stinging part. A Delicious and Nutritious spring tonic food!

here’s some visual of the tremendous difference we’re seeing in our seedlings this year, due to using our very own potting mix made from our composted animals’ poop and bedding:

some of our pepper plants, yes we started them "too" early in january, but was it too early? Don't think so!







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