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Here Ye, here ye—-we’re actively reminding you to sign up for your LTD Farm CSA Farmshare! In the past two days we have sold 5 more shares, which means there are only 10 shares remaining for this season. Our CSA Farmshares start in May, which is right around the corner!! Were you thinking about it, and want some convincing? Do you want to get an amazing goodie box once or twice a month for 6 months this year from our farm, full of all kinds of amazing things from our very own hands, hearts, soil, plants and lovely animals? Do you want to support small scale farmers who love tending their animals and plants & are returning REAL fertility to the earth, working with natural, permaculture systems instead of using synthetic chemicals for fertilizers and poisons for pest control? We offer an Original Share, which is once a month for 6 months, for $350. Our Delux Share is twice a month for 6 months for $600.  Signing up for these shares also gets you 4 passes to our on-farm workshops– these also make great gifts! See our events calendar for the complete listing of workshops. Our shares are not just another box of veggies, they are a sampling of all the best we produce and eat ourselves on the farm.

We also are signing up the last available Chicken Shares (2 dates to choose from, 5 big organic broilers raised on pasture for $125, on-farm pickup required.) And don’t forget about Thanksgiving, although it is VERY early to be thinking about it, we will be offering our turkeys again this fall for $3/lb, with a $20 deposit required to hold one for you. This year we’ll have more of a range of sizes.

If you have any questions about anything we offer, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We literally cannot do this without you, and we’re honored to be your farmers, thank you so much for your support.

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