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April 28th 4pm-“Getting your Goat”

A very fun interactive workshop,where you’ll learn all about goats, their care and milking, and even learn to make a simple goat cheese. We’ve kept goats (or been kept by goats!) for over 7 years, so we have lots of experience to share.

May 13th at Noon- “Cheesemaking Workshop”

Come learn about cheesemaking on the farm! We’ll be making 6 or 7 different kinds of cheeses in the workshop, talking about goats and milk handling to produce the best homemade cheeses ever!

April 15 and also May 26th at Noon- “Goatmilk Soap Making”

Do you want to learn a simple way to make incredible soap? And do you want a tried and true formula for gentle on the skin, long lasting bars? Come and learn how we do it, and even go home with a bar of our homemade soap to experience how lovely it is!

All classes require an RSVP, prices are listed on our events calendar. Please email us for details —-farmers (at)

Thanks so much for your support! By attending our workshops, you enable us to continue running this farm, sharing what we do and what we’ve learned, and living the dream.

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