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 Duck Eggs 

My Khaki Campbell heritage ducks lay the most amazing eggs in the universe! 

These duck eggs are more rich tasting than any chicken egg, and have a 

luscious, velvety texture, due to the extra healthy fats found in duck eggs. 

Duck eggs are the ultimate for baking, as they have extra protein, giving your

 goodies a lofty height and a rich moistness you won’t believe. 


The lady ducks of LTD Farm live outside in the fresh air and sunshine all year, 

free ranging in their huge duck pasture. They are living a great duck life! You’ll 

see it in the beautiful yolks. My website has more info and recipes:

Khaiti Kahleck, L.T.D. Farm LLC

“living the dream”

862 218th Street

Osceola, WI  54020

Pack Date:______________________________________


Sell By:________________________________________

Grace B due to some shell discolorations, Extra Large 

safe handling instructions: to prevent illness from bacteria, keep eggs refrigerated, 

cook eggs until yolks are firm and cook foods containing eggs thoroughly.

Comments ( 6 )

  1. wendy wang

    I am a Chinese live in twein city MN area.many of my Chinese friends and I are very intresting in buying some duck eggs. we can not get them from market here. I want to know if you sale and ship them and how much the charge.

  2. admin

    Hi Wendy- my eggs are available at several co-ops in the twin Cities area, but if you were looking for a larger order, I can meet you somewhere. I come to town on Tuesdays. Let me know! I'll email you as well.

  3. susan loveridge

    Noticed a typo...Grace B. Perhaps you meant Grade? Although grace is a great word so maybe not. Grace: 1.a seemingly effortless beauty, ease and charm of form, movement or proportion. 2. A charming or pleasing quality or characteristic ALSO, is it possible that Wendy is really Brock? That sounds so much like him.

  4. admin

    Susan! You are so thorough! Thank you for this! Maybe Wendy is Brock...hmm!!!

  5. Amy O'Brien

    Hello - I am looking for a source of duck eggs as well. You say they are available at several twin city coops. Can you tell me which ones? Also you mentioned you could meet for larger orders. Can you tell me where you deliver to the twin cities? Also - what do you charge for eggs? Thanks so much! I am on a quest to find duck eggs as my son is on a very limited diet... and can't have chicken eggs but just found out he can have duck eggs.

  6. admin

    Hi Amy- the ducks are done laying for 2010, but will be back laying again in the early spring of 2011. I will be selling at both Mss Mrkts, Seward, Eastside, Valley Natural in Burnsville and a few other places. Maybe we could talk about doing a CSA, email us for more details. I have several families in my CSA group w/kids who can't do chicken eggs, and really love and appreciate the duck egg goodness for their kids' diets.

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