feb 2012


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What an odd, warm winter we’re having! But regardless, things are going very well out here, and we’re immensely grateful to be entering our 2nd season at our new farm. Kids have been kidded, eggs are being laid, chicks are peeping, milk is plentiful and planties are already growing in our seedling room. Just wait until spring is really here and we’ll be toiling in the soil, growing all kinds of abundant veggies and fruits all nourished by the compost made from our animals’ digestive systems. What a beautiful world of tending, working, living & receiving. Thank you to all our CSA subscribers signed up so far! We’re extremely excited for this year of goodness.

our beligian endive experiment is working, now how to do it on a large scale so it can earn us some revenue? Homesteading means always trying out new ideas, you never know what may become your new niche product. In the meantime, enjoy the fruits of your experimenting!

our barred rock and golden laced wyandotte chicks being raised in our seeding room, giving us nice sounds to listen to as we work.

some of the essential oils being used in our soaps this season

a picture of Khaiti's Mom milking one of her own very first goats in South Dakota in 1979. She was living the dream, and got to see the beginning of her influence on her daughter. RIP Mom.



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  1. Leah

    I love these pictures! sooooo good dude. :)

  2. admin

    Thank you Leah!!!

  3. arletta french

    love all the pictures... they really tell the story

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