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Introducing FESSA- “Farm Enterprises in Small-scale Sustainable Agriculture.”

If you aren’t satisfied with your options, go out and create your own! That’s what we did with some like-minded farmer friends. March31st- Save the date! More information and how to register is on the website: www.fessa.org

We’re a group founded to create the type of farming conference we really want to have around and available for others- one focusing on real small scale farmers, not giant 1000 acre soybean farms who transitioned to organic because there is money in it. Another thing that’s become more obvious lately is that the more small scale producers there are out there, the better for everyone. Stimulating our local economy by producing, growing and selling local farm products of all sorts is in everyone’s best interest. It isn’t just about farmers making products to sell themselves, but networking local growers with food producers, stirring up creative juices and helping each other make a go of it . We can’t all do everything, bu we can all profit from success by working together. Profit means more people can make a go of small scale farming. How much do you get paid each year at a job? That’s all profit for you. One thing many people don’t realize about farming (especially with new startups) is that there is an expense for nearly every dollar earned. That means no or little profit. And profit is how a farmer pays themself. No farm profit, no money for the farmer. In order for small scale farms to flourish, they need to be profitable,  and value-added products can tip the scales in favor of the farm. How long would you keep working at your job if there was no solid, regular paycheck? Hence the conference! Hope to see you there, spread the word if you know others who might be interested. We hope to make this an annual event!

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  1. Angelica

    I'm speechless, Khaiti. Well put. Hope to see a lot of your supporters who are also aggies come down to the conference!!

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