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Another Momma joined the milking club this morning- Metallika had TRIPLETS this morning at 3:30 AM. Yep, Khaiti was up that early to maternity-ward check and found the first kid (a Boy) in the hay with her flashlight beam….Happy Valentines Day! #2 kid at first appeared upside down and head back, a terrifying proposition. Khaiti soaped up and checked it out in there, found it was just a backwards kid, and out came a humungous doeling. Metallika seemed back to normal size, so some postpartum snacks were got for her. Low and behold within 3 minutes she had popped out a 3rd beautiful kid, a second girl. Goats are just amazing.

We’re bottlefeeding all the kids this year for a number of reasons, most of all so they will be the sweetest goats for their new owners. Managing our year this season means simplifying things, and pasturing a bunch of goat kids for 8 months is not in the simple category.

For 2012 we’re focusing on our Duck Eggs, the momma milkers, our CSA Shares, and raising a small number of free range meat birds. Next year is another story, as we’re going to continue to experiment with our grass-based & pastured meats. Goat is an incredibly healthy grass fed meat, and goats pasturing for the summer up in our hay field will add fertility to the soil, right where we need it. Unfortunately the milkers can’t be pastured so far away from home base.

Then late at night, another check was done—-and Desti finally had her kids. Twins, total showstoppers with fancy markings! Both were toddling around in the hay, Desti was busy stuffing her face with food. What a day!

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