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5 little bunny babies, the new LTD project is working!

turkey hens we're keeping over winter to try our hand at turkey breeding in the spring. Are we crazy? yes.

Belle is growing into a teenager pup!

beautiful Rosie, a pig who we loved so much. She had a good life here.

Happy New Year to you all! Will you be reflecting on the year you just passed through? Full of celebrations and joy, or perhaps remembrances and tributes, 2011 has been another incredible year. We’re all so blessed to have each day, each year we pass through. Make every day count, or do something to make it count!

 A reflection on our year here, the first on our new farm. We met SO many amazing new people. We got to continue relationships with our customers who are now friends. We worked our butts off gardening in totally new soil, with some successes and much learning (failures.) We held some awesome workshops with fascinating people attending and visiting our farm. We grew so much sustanence for ourselves and others from our land. We fermented, pickled and canned our hearts out. We learned about the predators we have to deal with here, in a very hard way. We learned how priceless good farm dogs are. We got exhausted, wiped out, and there was no end in sight. We continued to dream and experiment and will continue to do so in 2012. We lost the covering on our hoophouse right after the tomatoes were planted in it. We fell in love with the community of amazing people all around us. We butchered 3 goat bucks and 4 pigs, 100 broiler chickens and 60 turkeys. We learned that death is really hard with animals you’ve tended and loved, but part of the circle of life and being able to provide an alternative to grocery store meat is very important to us. We learned why it is hard to be small scale farmers and make a living. We learned that diversification is essential to make it on a small scale farm, but you must not drive yourself crazy with too much diversification. We learned what we love to do, what we need to do to continue farming here, what we do well, and what we excel at together. We got married and every day is a blessing on our farm. We learned that money is essential to pay bills on the farm, but it will never bring happiness. We learned that food raised on a real small scale farm tastes better, is more nourishing, and that our customers love it. We learned that no small-scale farm can be an island….. Farming takes a community of farmers and eaters. Thank you for being part of our farm. We could not do this without your involvement!  Thank YOU!!! We have a limited number of CSA shares for 2012 and are reserving them now. See our “farm products” tab.







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