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Still haven’t caught the predator, but with the help of the dogs and the new duck safe house inside the hoophouse, we have had no more casulaties. Realizing how important the LTD farm dogs are in deterring predators,  seeing as our big guys are both nearing senior citizen age, and having a bit of our wedding gift money left, we decided it was time to find a puppy. We’d been waiting until the perfect situation presented itself, and were referred to a local cattle ranch that’s been raising working blue heelers for 20 years. Call them, and what do you know, they had three pups just weaned off momma. Welcome to Bluebell, our little 6 week old Blue Heeler pup!

Little Blue- slightly jealous, but he'll be a good big brother.

All we know is the next duck house will be set up very differently, and we have winter to put all the plans together……………..because WE REACHED OUR KICKSTARTER GOAL! That means we now will have the funding to go forward with another hoophouse,  set up with the knowledge of which specific predators we are dealing with out on our farm. What’s amazing with this Kickstarter platform is that it is all about alot of a little. Each one of our backers kicked in and each one made it happen. We are SO excited and beyond words with gratitude.

We had snow, we had no snow, and again a nice layer greeted us this morning. Thinking winter is finally here. A whole new season of planning awaits us in these dark, long nights ahead. Absolutely elated to be here, living the dream. Thank you everyone for all your support of what we do.

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