Almost there! and weasel attacks


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We are humbled and thrilled to say that we have almost reached our Kickstarter funding goal! It’s been a crazy roller coaster ride, and we need less the $1,000 to meet our goal. You have all been so supportive and helpful, thank you very much.

On a darker note, the weasel that loves to eat our poultry is back and has killed and injured many ducks. We found this out yesterday morning and have been in lock-down mode for the day and night. Andrew sat near the ducklings in the early evening and watched as the weasel crept into the hoophouse and made straight for our flock of ducks. He rose to shoot it with his .22 rifle and got off a shot but in the excitement missed, and then the gun jammed. There was also a light misty rain all day long and it was, all in all, a slightly miserable day. Now, we are going to set a couple traps, and make a VERY secure area in the hoophouse for the ducks to sleep. Apparently weasels are diurnal, which means they have habitual daily routines. This means that maybe our Darth Weasel operates only in the morning and early evening. When the snow comes, we should be able to track it. Meanwhile, Little Blue, our blue heeler, is in the hoophouse barking his head off. This seems to keep most things away.

With weasels in mind, we will be designing our new hoophouse to be predator free, which might take more funds then a simple hoophouse. So we’re hoping to go past the $16k goal if possible. We really can’t let the weasels eat all of our precious ducks, it’s just not an option.

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