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“LTD farm is the real deal. As a fellow farmer, I’ve watch as Andrew and Khaiti have worked hard building up their farm and making a go of it, when most people would have quit to get a desk job. With my pledge to their duck egg expansion, I’m not just supporting a business, but also two people who are caring for the land in a way that all farmers should. The food they produce is a nourishing asset to any of us who care about what we put into our bodies. Farms like LTD and my own face funding challenges from traditional banks and lenders, because we do not fit into what most banks think a farm is. We also do NOT get farm subsudies like most conventional farms. Supporting LTD Farm is money well spent, which will help these two agricultural pioneers provide more high quality duck eggs to our region.
Angelica Hollstadt
Angelica’s Garden Farmstead Foods”

We are so close to reaching our funding goal, and we have just 9 days to go! Today, we would like to get to $12k on our Kickstarter project. Just $155 more and we will have reached that goal. Then we will have 25% left of our goal to fund. If you were thinking about pledging, now is  a great time!



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