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We are doing a Kickstarter project so that we can continue to supply the local market in the Midwest area with our delicious and nutritious duck eggs. Please take a look and spread the word! Thank you very much!

Please click on the link below the video to view our project details!

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  1. Laila Moysey

    I have a couple of questions about this project...would the eggs be suitable for incubation? (we have ducks but are interested in new varieties) Also, if we pledge money and the project doesn't go forward, would we get a refund? I hope to hear from you soon :)

  2. admin

    We have no male ducks left in our flock so therefore all of our eggs are infertile. So no luck on the incubation, we would say. As far as the Kickstarter project, what happens is that Amazon doesn't charge your card until our goal is reached, and then the card will be charged. If the goal isn't reached, no charges will incur. We didn't really know how that worked until the end of setting up the project. Hope that helps and thanks!

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