homemade sausage?


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We’re teaching a class in St. Paul, at Mississippi Market on Saturday, November 5th @ Mississippi Market! It’s all about SAUSAGE, and most specifically BRATWURST. We seriously have the most amazing brat recipe, and we’ll be grinding, mixing and stuffing homemade brats in this class. Come learn and eat! Register online through Mss Mrkt. http://www.eventbrite.com/event/2145962632

oh yeah! brats! we did it all from scratch, even cleaned the intestines to make authentic sausage casings!!

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  1. Laila Moysey

    We make our own sausages too :) Nice to see other young people Living The Dream :) You can go to my blog (www.lailamoysey.com) to read a little about our farm.

  2. admin

    Thanks! We'll check out your blog.

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