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This year, 2011, has been the year of the apple. We have been up to our eyeballs in apples for what seems like months, because, well, we have. The pollination and weather worked out so beautifully this year to produce an applicious bounty on our farm. Trying to make the most of it, we’ve canned, sauced, jellied, buttered, juiced and wined our hearts out with the apples that bombarded our trees. And we had plenty more for our CSA members as well! Such lovely apples, all 100% organic. If our apple grinder concept hadn’t failed us, we’d have alot of hard cider going on, but we’re going to have to rework that plan for next season. We’re actually applying for a grant to make a community portable apple processing center to take advantage of all the apples around this region, many of which simply return to the soil year after year, due to lack of equipment. When one thinks of all the time & energy put towards gathering sap from maple trees to gather sugar in it’s pure form, you can’t help but realize apples are loaded with sweetness that oftentimes goes unharvested.

Update: Our apples are done for the year, the last trees are bare. let us know if you want to be on the email list for apples next summer and early fall!

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