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A few days ago, once again our farm family grew! We are happy to welcome Jack and Jill to our menagerie. They are fluffy and cute and hopefully Jill is pregnant and will  be giving birth to a litter of 8 bunnies in a month. We have decided to give raising rabbits a go, and our great friend Cris over in Prairie Farm had these rabbits available. Thanks Cris!

We’ve taken a shine to them. Since this is a working farm, these rabbits are not destined to be pets per se. We do plan on breeding these two and using their offspring for food. Right now we are in the experimental stages. We are going to build some rabbit tractors such as the Salatin farm uses as soon as we get some time here. They have already produced a copious amount of poop in the last few days, and this poop is ready to use in the garden right away. Waht an amazing concept.

We are planning on eventually feeding our rabbits all homegrown food but right now we are giving them pellets and some of our hay. They love the hay, and we fed them some clover yesterday and they went right to work and seemed to enjoy the clover as much as we would enjoy a bag of potato chips.

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  1. Gianna

    Amazing! Do you remember that WE had bunnies? Not to eat, but they are poopy creatures. All I remember about their feed was that by feeding them rabbit pellets, make sure that there isn't a lot of corn in it. I guess it's not good for their digestion. Not that you need advice from me! You guys are the farmers! Love you!

  2. Kerry

    Hello. Nice to see the Californians, (not New Zealands, yes?). I have Champange d'Argents, Silver Foxes and Silver Martens. I feed them ManaPro pellets and all get some alfalfa-grass hay in the morning. I catch the droppings in trays, using pine planer shavings, (not sawdust) to absorb the urine, and giving the ammonia smell a spray with vinegar to suppress the odor. (Neutralize actually, ammonia, a base is neutralized by the acidic vinegar.) I recommend Storey's guide to Raising Rabbits, which I'm sure you've already read twice at least. At any rate, if I can help with any questions, please send an email.

  3. admin

    Hey there, we have a New Zealand Buck and Californian doe. Yes, read and reread the Storey guide. Very informative, but we are looking to raise our rabbits in a more natural way. It seems that most animals would be perfectly healthy if raised in a sterile environment and fed food pellets, but that doesn't mean they have a high quality of life. we would like to raise Champagnes too, but we there wasn't any for sale or trade around here...have any bred does for sale?? Thanks for your comment!

  4. admin

    Oh yes, I do...but there poop is perfect garden fertilizer, and it's already in a convenient pellet form. I remember that your rabbit chewed everything in your house. No house pets here, thank you very much.

  5. Kerry

    Hi. Late in responding, sorry. No, I have no bred does to sell, nor unbred. And by the way, my 'environment' for the rabbits is hardly sterile. You should see the males...actually you should stay away from the males when they swirl and urinate at the same time. I've been hit a couple of times, once in the hair. Quick! Get the vinegar spray!! I used to keep all outside in a backyard shed, but this summer's heat was too much. All are now in an unfinished basement room with window well and egress windows for ventilation, and on a timed light system. I keep two fans running on low, and also store some apples, tomatoes and potatoes in there. It's a cold room. All get pellets at 5:30PM and alfalfa/grass hay in the AM. Trays are emptied daily. I spray a bit of vinegar into the trays to suppress the ammonia smell, and absorb the urine with pine shavings from a fellow woodworker. (If one could get oak planer shavings, the natural acidity of the oak is also helpful.) Anyway, best of luck to you with your lagomorphs.

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