Dynamite Duck Egg Omelette


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We’re excited to have our duck eggs available at the Linden Hills CO-op in Minneapolis!
Here’s a simple recipe concept- works everytime! This is a great way to let our LTD Farm duck eggs shine for your dinner…….
For one or two servings, sautee in a healthy amount of olive oil a heaping handful’s worth of shredded greens, sliced onions and whatever veggies are abundant and delicious. Cook them according to their density- carrots take longer than broccoli for instance. When the veggies are nearly done to your liking, toss in some chopped garlic, and then crack two or three duck eggs on top. Stir the eggs in just a bit to settle down into the veggies, and lower heat to medium-low. Salt and pepper the omelette to your liking, and add some cheese or herbs on top as desired. When the top of the eggs are beginning to appear cooked, use your spatula to flip the omellette over it’s self, forming a half moon shape. Slice and serve! Refrigerate leftovers, sliced up, it’s great on a salad!
This picture is another delicious way to enjoy duck eggs for breakfast or dinner.Cook up some polenta grits, sprinkle in some feta cheese, salt and pepper. In another pan, sautee some greens and garlic, and lightly fry a duck egg, keep the yolk runny. Place it atop the hot grits and open the yolk to mingle with the lovely creamy texture of grits, feta and veggies………to die for!

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