Thanksgiving Turkey Harvesting


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Title: Thanksgiving Turkey Harvesting
Location: LTD Farm
Description: We’ll be harvesting the Thanksgiving turkeys on the farm over the weekend before Thanksgiving. If you have a bird on order or as part of your CSA share, please remember we need to you to come out to help, learn about what it takes to bring a animal to your family’s special dinner, pick up and take home your bird.

We harvest our turkeys with respect, kindness and humaneness. You can be involved as much as you are comfortable. From 9am-2pm each day. Bring a cooler and ice to bring your bird home, and baggies for organs, neck and feet if you want to take them home.

Our turkeys are $50 each, ranging in size from 20-30 lbs. They are completely freeranged, foraging happy birds their whole lives. We have limited numbers of turkeys left for Thanksgiving, let us know if you want to reserve one ASAP.
Start Date: 2011-11-19
Start Time: 09:00
End Date: 2011-11-22

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