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Goatmilk Soap Making Class is this June 5th @ 1:30pm. Please let us know if you’d like to come out for this fun event and a full farm tour afterwards. Learn all the tricks we use to make a long lasting, gentle on the skin batch of soap, which will make you 30 bars of soap for gifts and your own soap needs. Class is $20, and you get a bar of soap to take home with you too!

learn how to make pretty soaps like this!

lil’ schmagoos


We picked up our last installment of 4 piglets for 2011. These cuties are half Hampshire, 1/4 berkshire 1/4 Black poland china. A good mix, and really pretty babies. They are about 35 lbs, and immediately started rooting and eating grass. The 4 yorkshire piglets we’d gotten last month, who are not bred to browse, root or anything normal for a good pig have been learning the ropes here on our farm, and are now happily rooting and eating grass like maniacs. We have the two groups side by side, and when the new babies came the 4 yorkshires were so excited to see them.

Last week was the pig harvesting of the two big girls: Penny and Squeak. It went very smoothly, but it is always hard to say goodbye. These pigs lived such gleeful, joyous lives with us on LTD Farm. They helped us get new vegetable garden patches tilled up, and wild bramble patches under control, and they got to fufill their natural instincts while doing this, which made them SUCH happy pigs. That’s what our mission is- raising small numbers of animals in a way where they get the best life possible. We can’t make a difference beyond our own sphere of influence and our abilities. This applies to everything in life you care about. DO the best YOU can do to change the things you don’t like!

the beginnings of head cheese post pig harvesting This is headcheese. You pick meat off the slowly simmered and seasoned pig's head. I know, gross sounding, but this is a way to show ultimate respect for a life that is taken- USE IT ALL!

our baby broiler chickens---growing by leaps and bounds for the Chicken Shares! Thanks to everyone who signed up early, these birds will live such a good life with us until harvesting day.

the fantastic turkeys, foraging maniacs who we adore!

We’re going to be doing some Duck Egg demos in June at Seward Co-op and both Mississippi Market locations. See our events calendar for the dates and times. Come have a snack and say hi!


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  1. Angelica

    I love your 4 new piglets. The pictures are awsome! Can't wait to see them in person.

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