open house next Sunday, the 22nd


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We’re ready for visitors! Come out for a day on the farm Sunday, May 22nd. 1pm until 5:30pm

Our new workshop pavillion

Come on out and see what we’re all about at LTD Farm! We’ll be giving tours of our farm, the animals and the beautiful land here. The first walk (we have 39 acres to explore!) is at 2pm, the second starts at 3pm. Feel free to bring something delicious to share, as we are working on building a wonderful community with our friends and customers. Thank you! Email us (farmers “at” to RSVP and for directions.

new pink piglets!

soft boiled duck eggs atop ramp aioli on hemp bread toast!


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  1. Erin

    Hey cuz, I'm not on facebook anymore but remembered your website and have to tell you again, how much my girls and I love catching up with your animals and the life (and death, and life again) of a farm. Thank you! Erin (Nast) iampen

  2. admin

    Hello to you Erin! Thanks for the message. Hope you guys are all well, and let us know if you are ever coming down this way! Much love from Wisconsin.

  3. Richelle

    Wish I could be there! Have a great day Sunday! Saludos

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