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On May 14 we will be offering an Intro to Permaculture workshop here on the farm, 10 AM to 4ish. Come learn the basic principles of Permaculture, a comprehensive design-centered approach to all aspects of sustainable living. Andrew is a certified permaculturalist and he will teach you the basic design principles and methodologies of this world-wide movement. A large portion of the day will be reserved for field work. We will spend a couple hours in the morning talking about the basic design principles of permaculture, have a delicious farm lunch, then discuss the concept of berms and swales in the landscape. We will then build a berm and swale, discuss how to design  a polyculture of perennial and useful plants, and finally plant and sheet mulch the berm and swale.

Be prepared to get your hands dirty and your mind full of new ideas.

This is a unique opportunity to learn about this exciting new field on a real working permaculture farm. We are learning and growing here every day!

We will provide a basic lunch and beverages.
Please bring gloves, bug spray, water container, hat, work boots, shovels, snacks, and any other gear that will keep you comfortable outside.

Please RSVP today, so that we can plan the day out in advance

$50 per attendee

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