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This simple and quick animal hut is easy to build with no wasted wood and is versatile for use with other animals as well. After perusing all the designs out there for pig huts, I realized I wanted something that was easier to build, using 2x4s and no plywood if possible. This shelter has worked well for raising two and three pigs at a time.

You need:


6 each 8 foot 2x4s

2 each 6 foot 2x4s

2 each 8 foot long by 3+ width metal roofing panels

a box of 2 1/2 inch screws

That’s it.

A.Take 3 of the 8′ long 2x4s and mark the 4′. find the middle of that mark, and bisect the mark at a 45 degree angle. Cut these 2x4s with a saw. You’re almost done!

B. Take the uncut ends and overlap and join them with 3 to 4 screws.

C Put them all up on their sides and lay an 8′ 2×4 on the corner and attach with 3 or 4 screws.

D. Attach the 2 8 foot long 2x4s on the bottom of the of each side.

I forgot to add it in the sketch but you can see in the picture that you then add the two 6′ on the bottom of both openings.

E Then add one metal panel, overlap one rib over the top and screw on down the sides. Repeat with the other panel on the other side.


So far our pigs have not destroyed this structure and we have had two groups of over 300 pound pigs, so it is a strong  structure. The one thing I would do differently is to use a 10′ long 2×4 for the top brace so as to have two handles to move the thing. One person can drag this structure and two people can easily lift and move it. Hope this helps!

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  1. Jon

    I am planning on raising 4 or 5 hogs starting in April. Do you think this design would accommodate them? I've searched like crazy and it seems like everyone has a design which works:)

  2. LTD Farmers

    We had over 5 hogs in one hut - not ideal though, as they tend to dig down inside and thus dig the hut into the ground, and then cement it in with their walking. Build 2 and you will be just fine! Thanks for reading!

  3. Betty Lou

    Do you have any problems with the wind picking them up? It gets really windy here.

  4. LTD Farmers

    We haven't really had any problems with that and it does get pretty goshdarn windy here as well (our hoophouse plastic being ripped off for one example). They may flip over but the 2x4s and metal make it a pretty hefty little shelter. Also, you're pigs will probably dig down inside and slightly bury the bottom, so you might have a bit of trouble moving it if you leave it in one place for more then a day.

  5. C. Birk

    I just finished this hut last evening and decided to add an extra 2 feet to the length. Were going to have 4 hogs at the farm this year and don't plan on letting them get any larger then 250 - 275 before harvesting. Do you think this will be sufficient? I was a little worried about clearance as well?

  6. LTD Farmers

    How great! Thanks for sharing! Yes, this should be perfect for 4 pigs, esp with the extra 2 feet added. Pigs don't really need too much of a shelter during the summer and early fall, just a place to get out of the sun and rain. They will likely dig down a bit too so clearance shouldn't be a problem. Our last 3 pigs were enormous (just harvested in January) and they dug a 2 pit below their hut before the ground froze up, and they'd line it with hay. It kept them cozy all winter! They'd crawl out in the mornings with steam rising out of their "cave." Keep us posted on how your pigs and the hut do!

  7. C. Birk

    Will do! I really appreciate that there are individuals out there like you guys that are still doing this sort of thing. Thank you for sharing your journey. I've already shared your lard rendering technique.

  8. Sydney

    I am building a rescue ranch in the future and I was wanting to know if maybe someone could give me advice on the best pig shelter I could build and or buy! Thanks.

  9. Jeremy

    I am wondering why you leave the gap between the metal roofing and the bottom of the structure? Is it for air flow purposes?

  10. FarmerKhaiti

    air flow yes...and the sheet of metal fit like that, the standard size is 4x8

  11. Jeremy

    That's what I was thinking. I have just made it and it is a very nice basic design using minimal materials. It is very functional. I made the main top support 10' long so having those "handles" is really nice for carrying it around with 2 people. I believe that you meant to say that the standard size of sheet metal is 3'X8'. Thanks for this great idea.

  12. Christina Marie Elizabeth Roche'

    PIGGIES R' SO UNDER-RATED .. I AM SURE THEY GET DIS-"COURAGED" and THIS is y they DIG BURROW OR HIDE, just like "all" OF #US Animals they hide from being de-pressed (Does any 1 remember " #Dr. #Do #Little " ; thee "Animal Whisperer" ... *MY #Favorite ... growing up as a #Child ... I support #Local #Farming , Although I am a #City #Kid, I have visited, volunteered, and had thee Opportunity of seeing some #Farm #Lifestyle @t my cousin's farm (which she and her husband started from scratch) ... I have since learned to LiVe a #Vegetarian & #Vegan Lifestyle from my OWN #Experiences .. HATS OFF To ALL FARMER"S ... SO LONG & #BLESSED #BEE ....

  13. Sherri Powell

    Thanks for the instructions. I added a few more on my blog, http://www.powellacres.com/p/pig-equipment.html I am not quite finished with the roof yet, but we are anticipating getting pigs this fall. I was happy to give the credit to you and provide a link.

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