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Oh boy- what a weirdo April. We had snow YESTERDAY! Three inches on the ground, and some is still lingering today. Despite this, we tilled up our garden a few weeks ago and began seeding spring plants out there, and sowing cover crops over the rest. Today we got 150 of our 500 asparagus crowns planted into the ground. Very exciting. Except, we have to wait 2 more seasons before that will be a crop we can harvest. Have to let the roots develop and strengthen first, then these plants will produce asparagus each spring for 10-15 years. A good time and money investment.

our garden, freshly tilled and backbreakingly raked into raised beds to enable drainage in our clay soil

Goat babies are all born now! We have Metalika’s triplets (now one month old!), May’s twin girls, and Desti’s twins- just born yesterday morning. Trixie who lost her kids due to premature birth, is now on the milking routine. She is new to this and hollers at me all day to come out and milk, even we only milk 2 times a day, morning and night. The herd’s been trimmed down to just mommas and babies, we sold Catalpa and Thuja, who did not have kids, to a man who raises Fainting goats just for fun and loves his goats.

Desti and her new babies, a girl (with the white and red) and big beautiful boy.

look at that face! Hello world!

this morning, still cute as can be!

May with her twin girls- Bunny and Babycakes.

Bunny and Babycakes, now a week old, relaxin' with momma, there's Prince coming to chew my hair!!!

Metallika is getting kind of sick of her triplets always nursing!

They are HUGE! and they figured out if they nurse from behind, she won't notice as soon. But goats only have 2 teats, so there's lots of pushing and whining between the three babies. I don't know how goats can handle quadruplets!

The Seward CSA Fair was fun and BUSY! Very tiring… it was so lovely to come home to the farm and do chores and hang out with kids and turkeys and pigs and ducks again. We sampled out hardboiled duck eggs to everyone at the Fair, and have several new CSA customers. Thank you for coming out and saying hello, nice to meet those who follow our LTD Farm blog!

hardboiling 9 dozen duck eggs for sampling!!!

our new farm "schwag"- homemade as usual

We butchered our buck goats, and have been enjoying some delicious goat dinners. On the farm, everything is put to use, even troublesome buck goats. They had peaceful endings on the farm they knew.

goat tacos

goat curry

I can’t resist putting up more food pics. We eat well because we have to! We work really hard, and need serious fuel. Most days start with fried duck eggs sometimes with vegetables and hashbrowns, or grits and feta, and toast, and of course cowgirl coffee. We use what we have, get creative and devour it all. Today’s lunch is a baked rice dish with goatmilk ricotta and yogurt, potatoes, carrots, green onion, tomatoes and mushrooms.

homemade baking powder biscuits, oh boy!

fried duck egg in a pesto toast sandwich!

duck egg scramble. yum!

beautious BACON from Roxy, thank you dearest pig who gave us such a bounty of goodness!

The final cured guanciale- jowl bacon. It's flavoured with pepper and thyme, so we sear it first, then simmer in fresh tomato sauce.

we have four chickens, and they lay very pretty eggs...but sorry, not as good as the duck eggs!


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  1. maren

    oh khaiti! Those darn baby goaties are just the sweetest! I'm suprised you got rid of catalpa!...but glad she's gone on to a good home :) And of course.....the food pics always make me hungry..even when im not! The tilled garden looks beautiful! Now if the damn snow would just stay away! Hope to see you and andrew soon...maybe friday at the swap?

  2. admin

    I know- the freakin snow is driving us nuts, and more to come tomorrow I guess. A perpetual least it was lovely out today!

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