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Tomorrow, April 12th, we’ll be demo-ing in Stillwater, MN at The River Market Community Co-op. LTD Farm is offering a customer appreciation sale at River Market until the 14th. Come taste our ladies’ delicious DUCK EGGS if you haven’t yet!

love those beautiful duck eggs!

This Saturday, April 16th, Seward Co-op’s Annual CSA Fair in Minneapolis, brings us to the big city. We’ll have a Special Seward Share offered only during the CSA Fair, come see us there for details. We’ll also be sampling out delicious duck eggs at our table. This fun event runs from 11am- 3pm, in the Seward Co-op’s parking lot, under a huge tent. Come meet the farmers who grow food for you! There are many different options and varieties of CSA shares available nowdays ( it stands for Community Supported Agriculture.) You’ll find farmers providing organic vegetables and fruit, eggs, meat, soap, honey, maple syrup, etc. We offer once a month boxes, some farms do every week, or bi-weekly. Support the kind of world you want to eat from, and live in, by supporting small local farmers.

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