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We’d like to welcome into the LTD Farm world our first little goat-lettes, called kids. Metallika had TRIPLETS on Thursday morning, all on her own!

Nobella, with Prince lounging in the background. Being born is VERY exhausting!

Her babies resemble their father in coloring, but have their momma’s tiny ears. What a cute cute combo. There are two girls and a boy. This is the first time Metallika has had triplets, and such a lovely entrance into our spring season. Welcome to the world little Nobella, Segway and Prince!

this is Segway! She's very playful already and very talkative!

Our summer turkey babies, which we call “turks,” are here as well. We have a brooder box in the bathroom to keep a close eye on them during these tender first days of life. Unfortunately, the local hatchery sent our babies through the mail. They were supposed to be delivering straight to our neighborhood feed co-op, so the newly hatched would be less traumatized in transit. This journey through the mail came on a very cold part of March, and was very hard on these little turks. Half of them have died in the first two days. As cute as the idea of chicks coming in the mail is, this is far from ideal, as the post office can’t handle live animals very well. We will be getting another order from the hatchery, in a month. ON THEIR TRUCK, no mail deliveries again!

May's getting huge with her kids inside...

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  1. Richelle

    That's just criminal, shipping the chicks by mail in the freezing weather, and without you knowing! The kids are lovely! One tip: if you haven't done so already: it's always great to have at least one 500cc bottle of collostrum in your freezer, just in case one of the newborn kids has problems suckling the first day or two and needs a litte energy boost or in case of a first time mom that isn't very willing to let the kids suckle. That way you are sure they start off right. Ah, and have you tried making an Irish soda bread with collostrum in stead of buttermilk? Heaven! Enjoy the young ones!

  2. admin

    We do have a back-up bag of colostrum from last year in the freezer...thanks Richelle!! The kids are doing very well, can't wait for the next arrivals, and for spring to come finally!!

  3. arletta french

    OH ,,, HOW EXCITING... I want to come down and see them!!! would it be all right?

  4. maren

    oh khaiti.....those baby goaties are just so darn cute!! nobella could you not love that face...and i love that name!!! I should come out and take baby pictures of a new munchkins at the farm!! :) Thanks for posting pics! I cant wait to see all of them!

  5. admin

    Only for you, ANYTIME!!! Just give us a couple hours heads up so we can clean up a bit!

  6. admin

    they are the sweetest babies too- Metallika always has the best babies, so calm, yet totally vivacious. Today they were racing around in the sun, to mom, to me, to mom, to over there, and then jumping on top of my back like little mountain goats. When you stand up, they are confused, like hey, get down here and play some more! Love the goatlings.

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