March onward


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Snow falls gently on the green spruce needles and the farm is blanketed once again in white. The average temperature seems to be warmer in general, no more long johns and big winter jackets. Now is the time time to get things tidied up inside, start most of our seeds, and contemplate the days to come. This mild winter weather will be a long forgotten dream when the heat of July is beating down on our necks.

What is there to observe and delight in these days? The animals seem much happier and contented with less frigid winds, and they all seem ravenous. The momma goats are getting ready to give birth, all of them within a month. The pigs are fat and happy, and we can’t wait to get them out onto pasture when everything thaws out a bit more.  The ducks are laying eggs well, and are venturing out into the snow more, probably as antsy as I am to get out and explore. There are many more birds showing up in the shrubs and tree limbs, and their songs are harbingers of a new growing season.

We will be getting a camera soon so will have more pictures up on the site. So many sprouting seeds, and time to get more grow lights up. Working on cheese-making, beer brewing, and building plans for farm structures.  Enjoying the bounty of our farm as winter slowly lifts.

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