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With the warmth, then cold, then snow, our land had developed a crust of snow which makes it possible to float above the 2 feet or so out there. Finally we were able to trudge out further than the hoophouse, and observe the beauty of this land we call LTD Farm. “Living the Dream”….that’s what we are doing out here, and gearing up for, planning and doing, not just dreaming. Andrew and I have spent hours pouring over our lists of what seeds we have, when to plant each one, whether to direct seed it in the soil, or when we start it in the grow room.

March will be a crazy month, and April even more so. We have to prepare our garden space from raw land, covered with 20 years of unadulterated natural growth- brambles, young aspens, weeds of all kinds. This alone is rather daunting, as we sit huddled next to the woodstove. But we’ll do it, and we will have the vegetables, some started indoors months before, ready to stick in the fertile soil.

Today, wandering out onto our land, it is hard to describe the feeling of responsibilty and possibility. The sun was bright on my face, the wind subzero, the dogs following in my footsteps and racing around like it is May already. I had triple mittens on, so my hands were warm- this seems to be the best way to defeat cold- have warm hands, and a warm heart. Thank you to those who have signed up for a CSA share from our farm already! Your vote of confidence and support means the world to us as we begin the season ahead. Thank you!

Our summer Chicken Shares are sold out, and we are beginning to fill orders for the fall batch. It is with much gratitude we acknowledge all the customers who are taking part of harvesting the meat they eat, meat which had a beautiful life and peaceful end here at LTD.

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