turkey- in the summer?


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Last spring at the old LTD Farm location in osceola, I raised a handful of turkeys for summer eatin’. Even though many people eat sliced turkey breast on sandwiches year round, most don’t ever think of roasting a whole bird, except for Thanksgiving. We think you should!

oh summer turkeys!

Andrew and I love raising turkeys. They are calm, inquisitive, beautiful, majestic and entertaining. They thrive free-ranging on pasture, and are easy to make happy. Turkeys provide an incredible bounty of delicious, tender, lean meat, as well as amazingly tasty bones to make nutrient dense broth from. Summer turkeys are very lean, as they don’t pack on the fat like Thanksgiving birds, since they aren’t exposed to cool fall weather. These birds graze and forage during the height of the growing season….weeds, grass, vegetables, fruits, bugs are all part of their diet.

mini turkeys, called poults. Tiny as baby chicks when they hatch, but they reach 20 lbs in four months

So, we have our order of turkey poults coming next month, to be raised this spring and summer, and then harvested in July. Many are reserved already, but for the rest of the birds are available first come first serve. See our “Farm Products” info tab (above) for details.

come learn about the meat you eat when we harvest turkeys this July.

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