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Winter is slowly giving way to spring. One step forward, two steps back. A few days ago the temperature was in the high 40s, and the snow began to melt and form icy trickles everywhere. The ducks were happy to snarfle in the water, while we slipped and slid over the newly unfrozen  mud. We piled up a large mound of thoroughly manure-inundated bedding hay in the hoophouse and left it to compost, and it heated up very quickly. So much so that it was steaming hugely and we had to disperse it because it was emitting too much ammonia…perhaps we will have to try that again when the ducks and pigs aren’t living there 24 hours a day. Either that or move it outside.

The winter cold has taken over again and everything is frozen, only now the paths are pure ice and we take care not to fall and break our skulls as we do chores morning and night. The full moon last night cast a majestic glow over the white farmland, and this morning we enjoyed a delicious breakfast of hashbrowns and duck eggs fried in Roxy lard with toasted bagels and homemade butter.

Cabin fever is slightly dissipated as our farm business slowly wakes up from its winter hibernation. Seedlings are being planted in our grow room, and hand tools are being dusted off to begin their active life here on the farm. We have some work to do mapping out our first permaculture plantings, and chicken tractors are being assembled.We’re trying to find our taps so when the maple trees start to run we’ll be ready.

Here’s hoping for a mild and sunny March!

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