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The lady ducks of LTD Farm are happy, happy, happy………..and right after solstice, they began laying eggs again. Not all of them are laying yet, but they are giving us enough eggs that we’re starting to deliver to accounts. Find our delicious duck eggs at River Market Co-op in Stillwater, and Heartland Restaurant’s Farm Direct Market in St. Paul. We hope to be bringing deliveries to Twin City co-ops in the next week or two!!! Many thanks to the wonderful ducks, so glad they have settled in and began the duck egg season earlier than usual.

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  1. Kris

    I am so excited to have found your website. I have been looking for a resource for duck eggs, for awhile now! Do you ever sell directly from your farm? I contacted the different coops listed, that you provide to, and none of them have your eggs yet. Thank you for any information. Kris

  2. admin

    we do sell duck eggs directly through our CSA and for orders of 4 dozen or more. Thanks for finding us! we'll email you directly. The eggs are just beginning again for this season, so we have them on the shelves of only two places currently- River Market in Stillwater and Heartland Restaurant's Farm Direct Market in St. Paul. They'll be at Seward Co-op and Mississippi Market very soon.

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