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frozen duck eggs about to transform into quiche filling

 This past summer one of the fridges holding our duck eggs flipped out and froze about 40 dozen eggs. They were salvaged by defrosting them partially, cracking them out of their shells, and refreezing into tubs. Since there are no fresh eggs coming from the ducks right now, this is the time to bust out the frozen ones- the yolks get a bit weird in texture, but after getting blended up, they work great for quiche, and in baked goods.

leftover pulled pork, "diluted" with paula's heirloom beans, served over Roxy's hambone-broth-cooked rice

Andrew's tuna noodle casserole.....oh man, with creamy garlic goatmilk sauce

a tiny part of Roxy's ham, with roasted potatoes

goatmilk fudge in the works


super dark chocolate with pecans


hashbrowns, a mini-Roxy brat, with one precious unfrozen duck egg

our enokitake mushroom patch

making an alfredo sauce

some grated 2 year old experimental goat "parmesan" went into the sauce

oh yeah.......

in the background, you can see the ducks are starting to come out of the hoophouse and play in the snow. Here is Little Blue's relationship with the cat...he always wants to herd her! She loves him though!

piggles, snuggled

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  1. susan loveridge

    Gosh, the food looks so delicious as well as interesting. Perhaps a published cookbook could help raise your income? Yeah, like you have time for anything else. I admire you, Khaiti and Andrew. You are strong, brave and probably very cold. Spring is just a breath away. Stay with it.

  2. admin

    working on it- if you know how to hook up with a publisher, do tell!

  3. Nicolio Michaud

    How did the Parmesan turn out??? Everything looks so damn tasty. I'm missing the heck out of everyone in MN (ok, and WI) and can't wait to come see the new farm! Wishing you warmth and a strong hoop-house to weather the rest of the winter! xo

  4. admin

    oh dearest! The "parmesan" turned out quite nice, very very hard though, almost too hard to grate. But delicious, nutty, silky as it melts, just lovely. Thanks for all the good thoughts and sweetness. We miss you here too! Hope you two can come visit in the spring. Once the girls start having babies in the spring and we start milking, I'll be experimenting with more cheeses. And having lots of workshops to share the discoveries. Via la wild cheesemaking experience! xoxo

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