Winter Pigs – Sold out!


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Squeak and Penny, the pigs that we are over-wintering this year, are sold. They are growing happily and healthily along with Rosy, the pig that we are keeping ourselves for our summer pork. They are getting big fast! We started them off on pig smoothies; yogurt, soaked grains, seaweed, and soy protein blended to smoothy perfection. Now we are transitioning them from an organic feed mix to organic soaked grains and good healthy slop; organic cull vegetables, yogurt, leftovers, old bread, etc…They are very active in short spurts and then they like to snuggle down in their straw filled shelter, tucked inside our hoophouse with the ducks. The pigs seem fascinated with our farm cat as she likes to check out what is going on in the hoophouse when we feed and water the animals. Maybe they sense that her ancestors were their ancient predators, or maybe she is just interesting to them, who knows. 

Penny & Squeak at the trough


The bone-chilling temperatures have us yearning for spring as we plan out our operations for 2011, as close to our woodstove as possible. We plan on raising another batch of well-loved healthy pastured pigs in the summer months, so please check back in the spring. Thank you to our Winter Pig Customers, we’ll be seeing you in the spring!

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