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cupboards of food hoarders

We’ve all heard of January as “eat everything in the house” month. We’re starting a month early. Waste not want not. Now- on our farm, we have the advantage of growing/raising/eating our own products. Plus Khaiti’s been a food hoarder maniac since her thrifty childhood experience.

the basement stocks


So what’s your food inventory like? There’s plenty of people who have chest freezers full of food and are scared to go in there. It’s pretty satisfying to de-mystify your stocks. We wanted to have a thorough inventory list to eat from this winter, while our funds are low, and we have a plethora of goods frozen and canned to live off of. Maybe you can try the same and be encouraged to use what you have. We’re going to document our own eat-off challenge, and share how we combine stored foods into delicious meals.

Think of people before grocery stores! They HAD to stock up before winter came, and then they HAD to live off that food, until wild and raised crops became available. Planning your food use with this in mind can help you eat within your local foodshed all winter long, as well as being prepared for a shut in scenario – like we have today with a monster blizzard stranding us at home!

this is the ROAD outside our place- yeah, we're not going anywhere.


blizzards are fun, and pretty exciting-- when you have lots to eat


Our list is quite ridiculous. The one thing we don’t have enough of is greens because we moved to the new farm in September, at the end of the growing season. Any type of greens freeze well, after a quick saute, making them very compact for storage, and useful in many applications: scrambles, soups, casseroles, etc.

Here’s a partial list of what we have to last us until spring (I think we’ll be stocked very well, but we shall see!)

25lbs of rice, 25lbs of polenta, 50lbs of flour, pork roasts/chops, ducks, a turkey, lard from Roxy’s pork fat, stock, canned tomatoes/salsa, jams, pickles, goat cheese (ricotta and feta), frozen duck eggs, refried beans, tuna, potatoes, and onions. I also purchased 25lbs of popcorn and a case of organic tortilla chips from our local lovelies at Whole Grain Milling Company. The freezer has lots of organ meats from our animal harvests. Not every customer wanted these nutritious goodies, and we are happy to put them to good use in our own kitchen.

The hops being stored in the freezer need to be used up soon for homebrewing.

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  1. Bobbie Nast

    What a great idea! Not only does it reduce costs, it ensures the rotation of inventory. Brilliant.

  2. admin

    yeah....and we all waste so much if we don't have an idea of what's hiding in the cupboards/freezer. Thanks Bobbie!

  3. mary neils

    i accept the challenge. i am not sure if i can live with out greens though. i didn't have the foresight to freeze any.

  4. admin

    Awesome mary!!!!! Greens- we'll all have to remind each other next season......right after first frost, so they'll be sweeter too! Think we'll have to break down and buy some kale this winter. Arghhh California KALE!!!

  5. Richelle

    Lots of greens in my freezer, whole, or transferred to purees for soups, and some green beens canned as well. If you're low on greens, why not think of sprouting? A little bit of seed goes a long way, try organic alfalfa, mustard, rucola and/or mung beans, azuki beans or certified non-GMO soybeans. Even whole grains, spelt or barley, work fine and their nutritional value just about skyrockets when you let them sprout.

  6. Richelle

    Ah, and another thing for next year: try growing root vegetables. Not only carrots, but parsnips, selery root, sweet potatoes as well. Most of them keep well during winter in just a large bucket of sand in a cool cellar. No work at all after harvesting and they don't take up precious freezer space.

  7. Liz

    Fun! I love that you listed everything you've stored! I'm not sure how long my challenge will last, but I'm envious/intimidated by just how real your challenge is since you're seriously snowed in!

  8. admin

    viva the challenge!!!! thanks Liz!

  9. admin

    great idea on sprouting for winter greens......awesome Richelle!

  10. admin

    absolutely all the winter veggies...- although I overwintered carrots once this way in a bucket with sand in my old cellar and lost them to a freeze. What a mess- ahhh the joys of our extreme weather. Have to be careful with cellars!

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