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our shiitake logs, all innoculated and ready to sprout next summer! Andrew's wearing his grandpa's coat!

the newly covered hoophouse, covered now with SNOW! just in time!

that blue squash is one Roxy and Matilda planted in the old hoophouse, a variant of a heirloom called chermunsunya

our new buck romeo, kicking Cedar's butt for a second

inside the hoophouse, with the pig pen set up for the three girls, and the shelter Andrew made for their winter snuggling

awwww, turkeys.........

Today was out of control. We woke up all nervous after a fitfull car problem day yesterday, and a full turkey harvest this day, Sunday, to worry about. It was 6 am and one of our customers called to say the roads were sheer ice. We had expected about 20 families to be coming out today, but due to the road conditions, we kinda thought NO ONE would come. Our brave friend Jean showed up after driving slowly forever, and Jessie came going 15 mph the whole way, ahhhhhhh….we thought our day was just shot after harvesting the first 4 turkeys. But then more people came out! Much thanks to Josh and Abbey from Turnip Rock, Melanie T., Sue H., Mary and Charlie, Steve and Kaia, Susan and Ernie, Renee and Tommy, The Lunas, and Daniel Klein. Roland came out to get his special bird also. What a whirlwind of a day, a big change from how we thought it’d go. WOW. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We all have so much to be thank-full for.

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