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the new LTD Farm tractor- Andrew's grandpa's ancient Case!

As of today, the hoophouse’s major milestones have been checked off the list. Level the ground in a 30×60 area.Take down a tree that was threatening to fall on the area, and cut up for shiitake logs. Pound in all the ground posts in straight lines in a PERFECT rectangle, perfectly level. Assemble and erect 18 ginormous 300+lbs arches that form the hoop of the house. (that’s when I got hurt, those suckers were out of control for me to try to help work on.) Attach purlins at super awkward angles, above your head, between all those arches, as the arches are going up. Drill into purlin holders, with a bolt and then into the steel pipe—a major pain and killed Andrew’s drill! Attach baseboards along two 60 foot sides -that’s alot of lumber!!!!) then dig the anchor holes and buy and haul cement home to pour in the anchor holes, and then attch the anchors to the frame.

What a lot of work, and I have to say this getting done is all thanks to Andrew who has majorly piloted this project since I have been working off farm quite a bit. His Dad George has come and helped with so much, and our friend Aaron Blythe from the Minnesota Food Association came out one day and helped get all the arches up, since I was completely unable. Such a crazy process and it feels so great to have it covered. Almost ready to roll for housing the ducks and piglets this winter We still have a paddock of fencing to put up around the hoophouse before that happens.

The piglets are doing great! Such lovies, they play tug of war with my pant legs, race around with jumps and skips and delighted hyper motion. They are GROWING before our eyes, filling out nicely as they settle into their new home. Amazing to witness those little bodies building muscles everday. Love the pigs so……oh my lil sweets in the morning sun!

The goats are in full swing with Cedar standing watch for any girl goat that goes into heat. May just was in heat a couple days back, and Cedar was following her all over, they were inseparable. Today it is Catalpa, and his alliance changed very quickly. He’s pretty brutus like with the girls who are not in heat, so i am anxious to sell him since he is just too much “man goat” to deal with. My girls are all so dainty and sweet, and he is a giant compared to them. A giant with big horns.

And…..we got a tractor. This is definately not my realm at all, but this special tractor was Andrew’s grandpa’s machine. We’re excited to have her here and bring her back to life on a farm, working hard.

a beauty!

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  1. Sandy Peterson

    Khaiti and Andrew I'm so glad you're so excited about Grandpa's tractor. I know he would be proud and thrilled that you are "bringing it back to life". To think that his only grandson is interested in farming would certainly thrill him. My only wish is that he could have visited with the both of you as you begin this exciting journey. He would have loved to hear about your dreams for your farm. My wish is that Dad's tractor will be put to good use, bring you great pleasure as you use it, and lighten your manual labor load! From a farmer's daughter - Welcome to the world of farming!! Sandy Peterson

  2. admin

    Awwwww........thanks soooooo much for this! I got goosebumps! We'll keep her safe and sound and purring like a kitten........

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