piglets……now life is complete again!


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enter Squeak, Penny and Rosie....our three new piglets for winter pig snugglin'


after a busy day acclimating to their new home, the three lined up under the heat lamp for some zzzz's


We really missed Roxy and Matilda’s presences since their harvest two weeks ago. We’ve been enjoying the fruits of that harvest, but pigs are such astounding animals to have around……we missed them. So, today we picked up our three little piglets from Turnip Rock Farm in New Auburn, WI. Our friends Josh and Rama raise pigs organically and had three sows give birth over a month ago, so they had lots of cute little piglets available. These three girls are half Duroc, which is a pig breed renowned for some delicious flavors. And they are just really freaking cute. They’ll be smothered with love (we can’t stay away from them actually) for the next 6-7  months and fed like queens- we seriously made smoothies for them today in the blender, since they can’t digest whole or cracked grains yet being so tiny! They are 25-30 lbs now, and will grow to 300+ by late April. Two pigs are available to the first takers, email for details.

Here’s some pics of our pig butchery with our half of Roxy (a half a hog equals about 100 lbs)

picking up the pig halves after a thorough chilling at Northwoods Locker


guancianale- spanish style bacon made from the jowl of Roxy, cured with salt, sugar, thyme, pepper, etc


cutting the loin section into chops!


our first pork chops! can I say.....heaven


grinding meat and back fat into bratwurst filling....


oh yeah! brats! we did it all from scratch, even cleaned the intestines to make authentic sausage casings from our dear Roxy


some of the cuts, so beautiful


this, my friends, is pork belly, from a loved and wellfed pig. It went into a dry cure for over a week, and will be smoked tomorrow..

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  1. Richelle

    Oh, the new babies look so cute! Our Iberian sow is up for harvesting around Xmas, or maybe the end of January as we need to eat our way through some more freezer space probably.... and we're gonna miss her so much! No piglets for us untill next spring though, people here have the sows bred late August/september, for piglets to go to their new owners in Spring. And harvesting autumn piglets towards March or April wouldn't be possible here in Andalucia, the temperatures will have risen too much for people to safely homecure jamon, salchichón, chorizo etc. So traditionally harvest 'season' starts the weekend of 6th December which is a national holiday which gives everybody a bit more time to process all the meat. Enjoy your piglets!

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